Luis Iturra Muñoz. Architect and Master of the Universidad de Chile. He combine architecture and urban studies with visual methods and ethnographic approach.

His works explore the timespace experience in the urban daily life, and documents the way how people move and experience the city and the urban phenomena. He is co-founder of Independientestudio and Santiago se Mueve


His latest work Producto Peruano (2013), portrait the inmigration of a peruvian woman in Chile, and addresses the problem of rootlessness, and the construction of identity. The latest on-going project is Mi Villa Frei (2014), a visual journal of the experiencie of living in this housing project of the sixties

Luis has taught architectural design and visual ethnography approaches to the urban phenomena at Universidad de Chile; Qualitative and visual methods in the Master or Urbanism, and Master in Residential Habitat, at the University of Chile; and Visual Ethnography in the school of Anthropology at Universidad Alberto Hurtado.

His works have been presented in different congress and exhibitions like the World Congress of Anthropology (UK, 2013); Congress "Ciudades de la Gente" (Brasil, 2012); Latin-American Congress of Habitat (Uruguay, 2013) Latin American Congress of Anthropology (Chile, 2012). Part of the organising committee of Uneven Mobilities 2014. International Conference

Producto Peruano (2013)

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